Friday, December 10, 2010

The Sounds of Niagara

Let's end the week with the rare heavy-hitting Afro-flavored percussion masterpiece "Sangandongo" by the German group Niagara. This funky track was originally released off the group's 1970 self-titled album that featured both Kraut rock legends Klaus Weiss and Udo Lindenberg. The record consists of only two long tracks, both heavily focused around funky Afro percussion grooves and breaks. Simply put, the hard-to-find album is a percussion masterpiece that couldn't be any more primed for potential sampling material. Certainly, a solid addition to any record collection. Have a great weekend!

You can buy a nicely crafted limited-edition reissue of the Niagara's 1970 self-titled album by Clicking Here.

Niagara - Sangandongo

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Tyrgyzistan said...

The cover makes more sense when a person opens the gatefold and holds it in front of their chest.

Anonymous said...

looks like juno have sold out...
try phonica instead

Kagan M. said...

I had to look really hard for this when I first heard of it! Love it to death!