Monday, January 24, 2011


This past weekend, I was excited to pick-up a copy of Luv N' Haight's new reissue of the Afro Soultet's rare album Afrodesia. This superb album, which nicely blends together elements of Afro funk, Latin jazz, tropicalia, and rock was originally released sometime between 1968 and 1971 on a small label called Banyon. The original pressing of the release was very limited in quantity, somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 and 1000 LPs. This album came together when the group, which was originally named Afro Latin Blues Quintet +1, changed their name to the Afro Soultet and placed their sights on putting together a concept record based around world music, or like the actually linear notes of the LP suggest, "Afrodesia! A Musical collage of many peoples...". Overall, Afrodesia is an amazing record that has a very unique and original sound (especially for the time it was released). I highly recommend snatching up a copy of this new reissue before they quickly become out-of-print. A lot of credit has to go to the people at Luv N' Haight for once again re-introducing us to another long lost gem! Enjoy!

Afro-Soultet - Soul Rockin'

You can purchase a copy of the Afro-Soultet's album Afrodesia by Clicking Here.

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Sooor said...
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Sooor said...

Just discovered your blog.
Lots of interesting stuff.

This Afro-Soultet in particular is great... Keep up the good work :)