Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Kukkelure Boogie

Looking back on last year, one of the artists that released some of the year's best original material, in my opinion, was Norwegian prog-disco king Prins Thomas. In 2010, Thomas released a superb new solo full-length album, as well as a solid new twelve-inch single titled Morfar. At this point, we all know the amazing work he does with Lindstrom, as well as the continually great remixes and edits he constantly cranks out, however it was nice to see Thomas find some time to produce his own work with both of these new solo releases.

While Thomas's self-titled LP was my favorite "Album of 2010", it's important that it doesn't overshadow the single that he released shortly thereafter in Morfar. The twelve-inch release features three solid cuts including the title track "Morfar", "Atter En Trall", and my personal favorite track "Kukkelure". While the self-titled album was a solid collection of songs that really complimented each other from track to track, Morfar is a record that is slightly more upbeat and primed a bit better for the dancefloor. It's almost a given that this year will be another busy year for Prins Thomas, however we can all just hope that he can find a little bit of time to produce some more original gems.

Prins Thomas - Kukkelure

Purchase Prins Thomas's twelve-inch single Morfar by Clicking Here.

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