Thursday, January 06, 2011

Ocean Music

Today I find myself in a very laid-back mood as I continue to recover from last night's Grow Up party, therefore I thought I would post this funky lounge gem "Ocean Song" by the German group Sunbirds. Sunbirds is another group that features the legendary Kraut-Rock drummer Klaus Weiss (Also See The Sounds of Niagara). The track "Ocean Song" was originally released on the group's 1973 album Zagara and was more recently included on the Compost Records' compilation Gl├╝cklich, which consists of a solid collection of rare and funky Brazilian-flavoured German fusion tracks. Overall, "Ocean Song" is a solid instrumental track, that has a bit of a laid-back Brazilian jazz feel to it that makes it perfect for the days that follow those late-night parties. Enjoy!

Sunbirds - Ocean Song

Purchase the Compost Records' compilation Gl├╝cklich by Clicking Here.

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