Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breakdown Treat

One of my favorite releases that came out near the end of 2010 was the funky jazz EP, Looking For Jupiter by the group Bad Jazz Troupe. This superb record was released by the German label Jazz&Milk Recordings, which has been releasing a number of great "new school" jazz records over the past few years. The Looking For Jupiter EP consists of six tracks, including three reworkings by Dusty (who is another Jazz&Milk artist), that nicely blend together a solid dose of funky jazz instrumentation alongside a hint of Afrobeat-influenced grooves and breaks. For those that that enjoy the funkier side of jazz music, I highly recommend this EP, which has quickly started to gain some well-deserved praise. Enjoy!

Bad Jazz Troupe - Breakdown Treat

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soulie said...


If you wonder about the spelling have a look at this,JAZZ CLUB.
Taken from the Fast Show a Brit comedy sketch show with the sketched being no more then a minute(a big fave of Me Depp) in lenth,also check the black trumpeters out in two seperate sketches..


You'll piss yorself.


Zattar said...

amazing! thanks for sharing. I'm msure you are familiar with the Natural Yoghurt Band which has been making some waves these past few years. This fits in nicely alongside their material!

big ups the Stache!

Kaat said...
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