Thursday, February 24, 2011

Funk Suprema

I'm very exciting today to share with you one of the re-edits that will be featured on the next upcoming Cabana Disco Vol.05 twelve, which should be going to the pressing plant sometime in the coming week. Due to a recent licensing issue that I would prefer not to get into, I will no longer be posting a lot of information about the edits that will be featured on upcoming releases. If your interested in knowing more about the original track, feel free to email me. Anyways, what I can tell you is that this is an edit of a rare funky Italian gem that was released back in the early seventies. I'm sure some of you will recognize the artist by the tracks vocals. Regardless, I would love to hear feedback from everyone. Enjoy!

Pat Les Stache - Funk Suprema

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Kerem Gokmen said...

you never give up on the funk Pat, love that about your edits. keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

hi pat
thx for your music
download error this!!

Anonymous said...

Played it tonight, unfucking believable edit, everyone went crazy

Ace said...

It can only be Adriano!

Anonymous said...

great edit. play it on my radio show tonight. keep it up.

Soulico US Tour Blog said...

dope sound. as a frequent visitor gotta show some props for this ill edit
gonna spin it tomorrow at a wild tel aviv party