Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunbear Boogie

Today I thought I would re-post the funky boogie gem "Heard The Voice of Music Say" by the group Sunbear. This rare disco cut was featured on the group's self-titled album that was released back in 1977 off of Don Cornelius's Soul Train Recording label. I actually broke this record out the other night for some close friends at my apartment, and I honestly forgot how great the song actually is. One thing is definitely for sure, it won't be another six months before I decide to drop this boogie classic again. Enjoy!

Sunbear - I Heard The Voice Of Music Say

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soulie said...

Fantastic track and i mean fantastic,i've had the album for many years and never tire of it.
In fact i do a comp series for Disco Connection blog 'SOULIES DANCE YEARS'and this appeared on Vol 6.


Pat Les Stache said...

Hey Soulie,

I agree, an amazing track and record. Would love to hear those comps!