Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tulsa Black

As you might have notice from reading this blog lately, I've really gotten into spiritual jazz. As I continue to learn more about this amazing sub-genre of music, I look forward to sharing on this site some of my favorite selections and records that I come across.

Here is a superb spiritual jazz gem by bassist Cecil McBee titled "Tulsa Black". This funky track was featured on McBee's debut album (as a band leader) Mutima , which was released off the legendary spiritual jazz label Strata-East Records. As soon as I started to listen to jazz, I quickly learned that just about everything released on Strata-East is amazing and quite expensive if you happened to come across any of their original pressings. Overall, Mutima is solid album from start to finish that truly captures the acclaimed bassist at his best. Enjoy!

Cecil McBee - Tulsa Black

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