Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cosmic Afro Fusion

Here is another amazing cosmic gem from Eko's (aka Eko Roosevelt Louis) much hard-to-find album Kilimandjaro My Home. This funky track, titled "Manyaka", tends to fall slightly under the radar due to the high praise the title track to the mid-seventies album generally receives (SEE Kilimandjaro My Home). That being said, "Manyaka" certainly stands on it's own, blending together Eko's electric piano-driven jazz grooves with funky Afro-cosmic rhythmns. Even though there is no deny the brilliance of the album's title track, "Manyaka" is an amazing gem that deserves the some worthy praise. Enjoy!

Eko - Manyaka

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soulie said...

What a belter,i've not heard this for years,a good find Pat.


What did you think of those two Dance years comps i did and sent you via those Medifire links?

Pat Les Stache said...

Thanks Soulie, as always, for your thoughts. The two comps you sent were great, some of the best
material I've recieved since I started the blog. I very much appreciate it!

Thanks again.

soulie said...

Pat i've done seven in total,do you want any more.