Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Join The Dance

Over the past decade Gerardo Frisina has been releasing a number of great funky crossover jazz records off of Schema Records which have included albums like Hi Note (2003), The Latin Kick (2005), and more recently Join The Dance. His releases, which are mostly produced and arranged by Frisina, generally include a wide host of new-school jazz musicians, many from Europe, and tend to appeal to both jazz lovers and the dancefloor. Frisina nicely blends Afro-Latin jazz rhythms with modern day electronic-style production techniques and effects. Overall, it's probably safe to say that Gerardo Frisina is quickly becoming one of the most innovative and leading jazz producers of the 21st Century. Enjoy The Dance!

Gerardo Frisina - Mille E Una Notte

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