Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Ode To Ethiopia

Here is a funky Afro-flavored jazz gem that I've really been getting into lately in Ode to Ethiopia by The John Betsch Society. This funky spiritual gem was featured on the 1974 album Earth Blossom, which was released by the legendary jazz label Strata-East. The group is nicely led on this record by jazz drummer and percussionist John Betsch, who is accompanied on this album by Ed "Lump" Williams (Bass), Phil Royster (Congas, Percussion), Billy Puett (Flute, Saxophone), Jim Bridges (Guitar), and Bob Holmes (Piano, Electric Piano, Percussion). Overall another superb track and album from the vaults of Strata-East's impressive catalogue of brilliant releases. Enjoy!

The John Betsch Society - Ode to Ethiopia

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