Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wouldn't Change a Thing

One track I've listen to a lot lately has been Coke Escovedo's funky gem "I Wouldn't Change a Thing". This soulful cut was originally released off of Escovedo's 1976 album "Comin' At Ya!". The track has an overall "feel-good" groove, along with a few superb breaks, that nicely compliment the song's catchy chorus and melody. I find that it's the perfect song to listen to at the end of the night or after a long day. Definitely a true gem!

Coke Escovedo - I Wouldn't Change a Thing

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Sheero said...

Nice. Universal Principles – Inspirational Breaks lifted the beats me thinks?

verystupidhead said...

Sweey Funky sound GREEaat cheers mate !!!

dhp said...

Love your blog and love this song--I agree with you: sounds like the perfect soundtrack for winding it down. Question though: Is something wrong with the link? Can't seem to download it.