Friday, July 29, 2011

Street Rap

Let's end the week with the funky soul jazz gem "Street Rap" by Chicago based group Maulawi. This track was featured on the only album ever recorded by the group, which was led by saxophonist Maulawi Nururdin, back in 1974. Even though Maulawi only recorded one record with his group, he had been a band leader since the sixties, playing with other Chicago based musicians like Jack DeJohnette, Richard Muhal Abrams, Amina Claudine Myers, as well as the group The Art Ensemble of Chicago. The album Maulawi features a nice blend of spiritual jazz, funk, and avant-garde undertones that make the mid-seventies record a very interesting and unique recording. Universal Sound, a sublabel of Soul Jazz Records, released a well put together re-issue of the Maulawi LP back in 2005, which might be a little easier to hunt down over the original release issued by Strata Records, Inc.. Overall, a solid track and amazing record definitely worth checking out. Enjoy!

Maulawi - Street Rap

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