Thursday, August 11, 2011

Music is My Sanctuary

Staying with today's jazz theme, here is the soul jazz classic "Music is My Sanctuary" by Gary Bartz. This funky gem was the title track to Bartz 1977 album, which was producer by soul-funk masterminds Larry Mizell and Fonce Mizell (better known as The Mizell Brothers). Even though I tend to enjoy Bartz's earlier, more spiritual, recordings like Libra, Harlem Bush Music - Taifa, and Another Earth, this track highlight's one of the more standout moments during Bartz's later jazz funk years. Enjoy!

Gary Bartz - Music is My Sanctuary

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soulie said...

It's just a fantastic tune,great vibe vocals the whole nine yards,this has bee a fav of mine (as you could no doubt tell) for ages.
Well done for posting this gem.

This will now (as youv'e reminded me)go on my next Soulies Dance Years vol 12 comp.


Anonymous said...

It's also the name of a pretty cool website!