Thursday, July 06, 2006

Colors of the DFA

DFA has brought forth some of my favorite remixes in the past few years, including Goldfrapp's "Slide In", Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom's "Rise", Metro Area's "Orange Alert", and UNKLE's "In A State" to name a few. I even thought their re-edit of Hot Chip's "Just Like (We Breakdown)" was by far better than the original. The DFA production team (Tim Goldsworthy & James Murphy) recently decided to take another stab at re-creating a Hot Chip song in "Colours", and with the first few listens I definately have mixed feelings. Overall, I think it is a good song, however I guess I was waiting for the "punch" and "funky-ness" that DFA remixes consistently provide. This song is built on atmospheric sounds and slow build ups that result in more of an experimental electronic pop song rather than a dancefloor track. I will give it some more time to grow on me to make my final judgement. However, one thing is certain for all the people who say "All the DFA remixes sound similiar", this song proves that theory wrong.

Hot Chip - Colours (DFA remix)

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