Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Return of the Random Classics

The Glimmers - Cassette 12-inchThe Glimmers (formerly known as The Glimmer Twins) are probably known more for their remixing work of bands like Bloc Party, New Order, Mylo, etc., than their actual production work. However, their 2005 DJ-Kicks Exclusive track "Cassette" proved that these Belgium natives can take care of the music all on their own. This song, in my opinion, is an instant classic, that has alot of people saying, "please produce more originals". Close to 6 minutes you will be saying the same.

The Glimmers - Cassette

Padded Cell - Take You Down 12-inchPadded Cell, have had a very productive year releasing two solid 12-inches Are You Anywhere? and Planets Against Us. However, one of my favorite tracks by this UK duo is off the 2005 12-inch release of Take You Down. Put out by Suicide Recordings, this record was a foreshadowing to the great music that was to later come from this production team. The instrumental version of "Take You Down" is an early addition to a continuely growing catalogue of great dance songs.

Padded Cell - Take You Down (Instrumental Version)

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1 comment:

Scott said...

Is it me or does 'Cassette' have a definite Pigbag 'Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag' feel about it?????