Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Moog Memories

Crème Organization recently released a tribute album(CD and digital only) for the late great Bob Moog. Many artists like tracks by Ectomorph, Bangkok Impact, Rude 66, Cosmic Force vs Catscan, Legowelt vs Orgue Electronique, Lowfish, Alexander Robotnick, plus many more contributed exclusive tracks that were said to be influenced by Moog. All of the proceeds from this project go to the Dystopia project, which in many ways immortalizes Robert Moog 's lifelong work and dreams. To accomodate us, vinyl enthusiasts, Crème Organization, has released a couple of 12" singles from the album which highlight the albums most notable tracks. I personally found myself enjoying Bangkok Impact's "Taming The Taurus", which can be found on A Tribute To Robert Moog 2."Taming The Taurus" is a solid electro disco track that is driven by layering analogue synths. However I would reccommend listening to the entire album, which is filled with many analogue gems.

Bangkok Impact - Taming The Taurus

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