Thursday, May 17, 2007

Disko Force To The Brain

This past April, Mule Musiq released a new Force of Nature 12-inch single entitled, To The Brain. This single is the third Force of Nature release from Mule Musiq, which is a series of singles off of last year's amazing III LP. The other two 12-inches, Black Moon and Sequencer were both really solid singles, and the third is just as strong. To The Brain features the title track, along with two slightly different remixes from Oslo's Prins Thomas. Thomas slows down the orginal and pushes alot of focus on the tracks bassline and latin percussion providing a very solid disco stomper. When I saw a preview for this record back in early March, I knew this would be a record I would have to own. I wasn't disappointed, and Force of Nature continues their long strench of solid outings.

Force of Nature - To The Brain(Prins Thomas 118 Remix)

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Unknown said...

404 on the link. Otherwise excellent blog. Keep up the good job

Pat Les Stache said...

The link has now been fixed, thanks. said...

gracias atleta americano