Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Balearic Love

Don't have a lot of time today. I've been currently spending most of my time working on my new 12" single titled, Club Cabana/ Lover's Night at The Noodle Ranch which should come out later this year. However, I won't leave you empty handed.

Here is a record I've been listening to quiet a bit lately - Peter Visti's "Balearic Love" which came out last year on Eskimo Recordings. This record features two 10-plus minute chugging disco house cuts. This record couldn't have a more fitting title for the actual sound that these two songs both produce. Great late night driving music.

Peter Visti - Balearic Love
Peter Visti - Bad Weather

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H.M.A. said...

hey american athlete

gald you had a great time in nyc!

some fab finds!

email me off-site about a writing proposition for you!


H.M.A. said...

i obviously meant "glad" not gald.

SFB said...

I've got that interview we did a while back which I have yet to post. I was hoping the other contributor to the blog would eventually translate, but it seems he is too busy to help out. When you get a new single or track, let me know and I'll post the interview with a track you want. Also, I'll need some sort of photo.