Monday, June 18, 2007

Disco Slasher

Phantom Slasher has been receiving much do appreciation for their recent release of Gruble, which is a double LP of fine obscure disco re-edits. Let's show some attention to a couple of their early releases. The first, 2001's End Up 12", which marked the first release for Dan Tyler & Conrad McDonnell under the Phantom Slasher aliases. The title track of this 12-inch single sounded like a disco jam out of the Shaft soundtrack, definately worth getting down to on a dancefloor. A few years later, Phantom Slasher released their first full-length LP, titled Puddle & Spout , which features one of my favorite Phantom Slasher tracks of all-time, entitled "Oochie Coochie". This 7 plus minute disco gem reminds me of what Prins Thomas must of been going for on his Major Swellings record. Even though I think Gruble is Phantom Slasher's strongest release to date, I believe their previous records are definately worth owning.

Phantom Slasher - Oochie Coochie
Phantom Slasher - End Up

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Jason Fist said...

Love the site, but if you're going to say "definitely" in every post, please spell it correctly. :-)

Hope you can forgive me for mentioning it, but it's one of my pet hates...


Pat Les Stache said...

I'll definitely try to watch my spelling. I'm glad your enjoying the blog

Simple Steve said...

While you're at it, due respect, not do respect. Also love the blog. I have you bookmarked and everything.

james seth said...

ha ha
misspelling of 'definitely' always gets me too... and those who write independent with an a :-)

but! came on here to say how super bad this tune is and thanks for posting.. does it really end like that?

also, any chance of reviving the archive/re-hosting the older tracks?

cheers! x