Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quebec Electric

In 1977, Kebekelektrik, which features the legendary Gino Soccio, wrote the classic disco track, "War Dance". This italo flavored dancefloor gem was released on the groups only LP, Kebekelektrik by Canadian label Les Disques Direction Records. The four song album was again released a year later by both Salsoul and Epic. Rio Records released the song in a 12-inch format in 1981 that included two slightly different mixes by Tom Moulton. Recently the song has been included on the Automan 4 12-inch and Suss'd Records' Disco Trance & Cosmic Flavas compilation. Another well written production for Gino Soccio and company.

Kebekelektrik - War Dance

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james seth said...

such an ace cut..
you are da man. simple! x

H.M.A. said...

inexplicably, my son, who "says" he hates disco, loves the 14 minute version of debussy's bolero that's on this album!

ain't kids funny!

sack lunch said...

Ravel's Bolero isn't it? :)