Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Disco Fourplay

An Album that I don't think get's enough praise, is Double Exposure's 1978 Salsoul Records release Fourplay. Having dealt with management issues, Double Exposure, lost a lot of it's momentum that it gained from their classic 1976 debut, Ten percent,leaving their second LP Fourplay a bit out to dry. However, with classic cuts like "I Declare War", "Handy Man", "Falling In Love", and "There Is No Reason" along with a remake of First Choice's "Newsy Neighbors", this Salsoul release definitely stands on it's own. If you come out and listen to one of my sets, you'll probably be able to hear my favorite cut, "There Is No Reason". I highly reccommend checking out this much forgotten classic.

Double Exposure - There Is No Reason

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april81972 said...

thanks for all the great material. how does one contact you offline?

Pat Les Stache said...

I'm glad your enjoying the music. You Can contact me through my email dwr_media@yahoo.com.