Monday, September 24, 2007

Runnin' Away With Your Love

This weekend a bought a copy of King & Hound's new re-edit 12" entitled, Stranger In The City off the Golden Goose label. The B-side features a solid re-edit of Lenny williams disco classic "Midnight Girl". This edit reminding me of one my favorite re-edits, which is Danny krivit's 2003 re-edit of Williams' 1978 cut, "You Got Me Runnin'". This re-edited mix was featured on Krivit's re-edit compilation Edits By Mr. K on the now defunkt UK dance label Strut. Krivit's edit is a shorter sliced up mix of the original, that really highlights the more funkier sections of the song. It's definitely worth getting a hold of, if you can find a copy of the now out-of-print release.

Lenny Williams - You got me runnin'(Danny Krivit Re-edit)

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Matt said...

This is a great edit and Danny Krivit is a mastermind, but it's hard to top the original. For more Lenny Williams disco perfection check out "Choosing You" as well. I might like it even more than "You Got Me Running".

Pat Les Stache said...

As far as originals, I like "Choosing you" better than "You Got Me Running", however both are great songs.

P.SKILLZ said...

Just wanted to say, I found your site on Saturday & it's excellent. I heard this track on an old Larry Levan tape years ago, but never knew what it was. Your music selection is sick.

Mustache Land said...

Wow...i recognized here the bass line from Jack Le Cont's "MDC Vendredi" track, from the Darkdancer Album - Les Rythmes Digitales. Yeah...nice reference!