Friday, September 21, 2007

Disco Warriors

United Kingdom's Faze Action doesn't need any introduction. With their classic 12-inches In the Trees, Full Motion, and Turn The Point to the solid LP's Plans & Designs, and Moving Cities of the late nineties, these two brothers, Simon and Robin Lee have constantly been producing quality disco-house. Recently this group has produced some solid singles off their own self-released label, starting with last year's Keep It Coming 12" and this year's Stratus Energy 12". A few weeks ago, Faze Action released it's third 12" off their label, titled Disco Warrior. The A-side see's a special disco mix of the titled track, while the B-side includes a dub version. This two man operation fills out the song nicely with strings, driving percussion, guitars, bass, keys, and horns, making it sound as if the track was produced by a full on orchestra. This song is solid from start to finish, and continues to push Simon and Robin Lee to the top of the growing "disco-house" genre.

Faze Action - Disco Warrior (Special Disco Mix)

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