Thursday, September 20, 2007

Glad To Be Your Lover

If you love disco like I do, one of the albums you must own(Which I've said before) is Bunny Sigler's 1979 classic I've Always Wanted To Sing...... This record was released off of Goldmine Records, which is a Salsoul-distributed label, owned and ran by disco composer and producer Norman Harris. With club hits like, "I'm Funkin' You Tonight", "Simple Things You Do" and the much popular "By The Way You Dance (I Knew It Was You)", this LP is a solid addition to anyone's disco collection. The song that I find myself listening to a lot lately as well as playing out is the final track on the record entitled, "Glad To Be Your Lover". This song is definitely the type of disco song that can work up a dancefloor with it's call-and-respond vocals and build ups into the choruses. The song also makes a nice closing to an already amazing record. There's also an extended version of the song that was later released as it's own single, however, the song was reproduced and I feel that it lost some of it's dancefloor edge that the LP version possess. Anyways, it's a classic album that belongs in any disco lover's collection.

Bunny Sigler - Glad To Be Your Lover

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