Thursday, October 18, 2007

Life On Mars

Dexter Wansel's Life On MarsThe Loft Classics Series is a great place to find out about many classic disco gems. This bootleg series started back in 1995 to highlight the classic dance tracks that were being spun back in the 1970's by legendary Deejay David Mancuso at the early Loft Parties, located in New York. I recently was able to pick-up a copy of Loft Classics Volume II which features Dexter Wansel's "Life in Mars". The track originally appeared on Wansel's 1976 debut LP, also titled Life On Mars. The song is a solid mix of cosmic hi-energy disco and straight forward old school funk. If your looking to get into some rare classic disco, the Loft Classics Series might be a good place to start.

Dexter Wansel - Life on Mars

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