Tuesday, October 16, 2007

These Tears are Golden

Because I'm on a Don Ray Kick, and that ain't a bad thing:

In 1977, disco producers Alec R. Costandinos and Don Ray hooked up for another one-off project called Sumeria. The group's only album, "Golden Tears", was a concept record that loosely explores modern identity in the late 1970's without ever moving too far from the dancefloor. This LP, in my opinion is one of the best cosmic disco concept albums of all-time. There's just as much pre-song dialog between two confused lovers as actual music on the record to dance to. Where skits and dialog intros fail to make any connection to the listener or the music, Costandinos and Ray get it right on this album, the dialog actually makes the the music make more sense and tends to tie up the entire record. All I can say is, that in my opinion, this album is brilliant and if you like cosmic disco, this album is a must for your personal collection.

*Please sit through the intro dialog on this first track
Sumeria - Dance and Leave it all behind you
Sumeria - Why Must there be an End

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Unknown said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I loved this album... Huge Alec R. Costandinos fan here!

Unknown said...

...well, except for maybe the "Winds of Change" soundtrack album.

Bobby Calabrese (aka DJ BWYSE) said...

Where so U find such dope records? Thanks for sharing.

RayJay said...

Hey, Thank U, Thank U. Been looking for this Lp a long time. anyway you could up the whole LP???? If you do, then you are the God of Disco. I belive this to be one of the greatest Disco Albums around. Thanks Again & Dance And Leave It All Behind You

Pat Les Stache said...

On Monday, for just one day I'll upload the entire record, so that you can get the whole concept.

Is that cool?

RayJay said...

Oh Yes, That would just be too Cool. I love This Lp. Reminds me of a Great Time with A Great Love. I can't wait, Thanks

Anonymous said...

Costandinos, huh? If you want to dance for this kind of euro stuff book a flight to Paris - the next edition of the DiscoQueer parties is on 9th of August at the Nouveau Casino, one of THE clubs in the city. Spaced out cosmic disco, sleazy thumping porno grooves, nymphette vocals, strings, synths, a bit of italo, a hi-nrg hitette here and there - 6 hours of absolute disco heaven.