Thursday, January 24, 2008

Disco Reservation

Here is an interestingly "Native American" themed disco track by one of Salsoul's more cosmically minded groups Orlando Riva Sound (aka O.R.S.). This slow cosmic grooving song, entitled "Indian Reservation", was originally released in 1979 as a 12-inch single and was produced by Anthony Monn, a well known disco era producer that worked with Amanda Lear, Judy Cheeks, and Magnifique. His work on "Indian Reservation", as a whole, is kind of ridiculous, fun, and enjoyable all at the same time. It's definately a song you'll probably love or hate, however have to agree that it's probably "different" in comparison to the songs you usually come across. That being said, after a few listens, I think the track is pretty enjoyable and entertaining.

Orlando Riva Sound - Indian Reservation

Here's a great live performance of the song:
Orlando Riva Sound - Indian Reservation (1979)

(I love the ending breakdown about 3:14 into the clip)

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Morgan said...

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Floorman said...

Hey TJ, thought it was time to say thanks for introducing (and reintroducing) me to some seriously fine music. I've been checking every blog of yours for a while now- it's an essential stop for me on Hype Machine.
If you're interested, I've done a re-edit/remix of the Fantastic Four track you posted a while back. I was going to post it at
but thought you might want to put it on your blog?
Let me know how I can get it to you - there's an email link on my blog page

American Athlete said...

Hey Floorman-

I would love to hear that re-edit of Fantasic Four. I love that track and have been thinking of doing a re-edit of my own of that track for some time. Anyways, send it to my email address

I'm glad your enjoying the blog. Keep in touch.

Terry Miller said...

yeah! that one is classic tj! and that vid is supremely awesome!