Monday, January 28, 2008

Trippin on a Soul Cloud

This weekend while digging through crates and crates of records at a number of local record stores, I found a copy of Biddu Orchestra's 1976 Rain Forrest LP. Biddu Orchestra is a project put together by Indian-British producer Biddu Appaiah. I've heard his name thrown around as to producing some great disco tracks, so I thought I would give the album a listen and to much delight, I instantly fell in love with this LP. The album has an overall European disco feel to it, sounding much like something produced from Alec R. Costandinos or Cerrone, with my favorite cuts being "Rock Me With Your Love", "Trippin on a Soul Cloud" and "Chic-Chica-Chic-Chica-Chic". Overall it was a nice find, that I highly recommend hunting down especially if your into that more European/French disco sound. It's safe to say that I'm definitely looking forward to tracking down more Biddu Orchestra releases.

Biddu Orchestra - Rock Me With Your Love
Biddu Orchestra - Trippin on a Soul Cloud

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pipecock said...

that one is nice, i've got the LP at home. this is the only one of his albums i can't find:

and it is supposed to be the best one. argh, it always works out like that.

Terry Miller said...

i love how "love boat" feeling the orchestrations on these are. they're both riche and gauche feeling at the same time.

too fun!