Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do You Sweet Talk?

Here is a funky disco rarity that I've been enjoying a lot lately in Sweet Talks 1979 "Do The Beat". This classic cut is the single and opening track to the groups selt-titled record. I believe this was the only release for the group, Sweet Talks, which was produced by McKinley Jackson who also helped produce artists like First Choice, Tower of Power, The Jones Girls, Lamont Dozier, and many others. Sweet Talk's "Do The Beat" is a rare funky classic that I highly recommend hunting down.

Sweet Talks - Do The Beat

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Anonymous said...


there is no link for this track on this site and on Studio, would like to hear it

Anonymous said...

Where is the link?

FUSE1TON,DJ said...

geez, how about a please and a thank you!
just because its the age of faceless encounters online, doesn't mean that civility should go out the window!
thank you

dj ferola!!

Pat Les Stache said...

Sorry, html error...it's now fixed! ENJOY!

discobunny said...

Thanks very much for sharing this!