Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Final Copies of Cabana Disco Vol.02

Pat Les Stache Presents Cabana Disco Vol.02Just a friendly reminder that the Cabana Disco Vol.02 twelve-inch is now out in stores and moving fast! There isn't going to be any repressings, so you have to swipe up the last remaning copies that are left. Cabana Disco Vol.02 consists of four "tropical disco" edits including John Davis & The Monster Orchestra's funky disco classic "Ain't That Enough For You", Shîtan's erotic disco gem "Disco Shîtan part I & II", Nightlife Unlimited's cocktail delight "Love is in You", and a afro-flavoured reworking of The Michael Zager Band's "Soul to Soul". There's a little something for all disco lovers. Get them while you can!

BUY RECORD - Juno Records
BUY RECORD - Phonica Records
BUY RECORD - Piccadilly Records

Pat Les Stache - Much More Love
(Re-edit of Shîtan - Disco Shîtan part 1 & 2)

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rmd said...

is there anywhere in town (seattle) that carries your stuff?

professor Eddy said...

Yeah, great track. I like the whisteling and the sensual voice!

Anonymous said...

I prefer my original 7 inch
than your edit.