Monday, June 01, 2009

Get On Down

Believe it or not, living close to the Canadian border here in Seattle, I made my very first trip to Canada this past weekend. That being said I've only lived in Seattle for about four years, but still the two and a half hour northern journey was long over due. While I was in Vancouver, I stopped in at a couple great record stores in Vinyl Records and Beat Street and came away some disco gems. One of the best finds was King Sporty & The Root Rockers' 1979 twelve-inch single Fire Keep On Burning/ Get On Down. Both tracks are very very good making very interested in hearing the entire Fire Keep On Burning album. I highly recommend tracking down a copy of this classic, however from the little bit of searching on the web, it seems like this record isn't the easiest to find.

Overall, it was a great, yet short, Canadian visit. I look forward to sharing the many great finds from this trip, over the next few weeks.

King Sporty & The Root Rockers - Get On Down

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jmatt said...

nice to see that you made your way up here! next time you are planning to come up you should check out otis records on Davie street. they have a lot of nice old disco/italo that is different from what you find at beatstreet or vinyl. do u have any tentative dates to play here?

Ryan Catcher said...

that font. it bothers me because I know I've seen it on another record before. anybody know?

i'm going to go fine tooth through my collection, and if i find out, i'll let you know.

thanks, y'all


the Record Player said...

that's an unexpected remake!! holy shit! a reggae version of an underground '80s dance/disco gem from the punk scene. the original is one of my favorites.. you're the man! thanks for sharing.