Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jibaro (People of the Forest)

When it comes to some of the best Latin-flavoured disco cuts of all-time, Elkin & Nelson's release of "Jibaro" has to be near the top. This seven-plus minute classic was released as a twelve-inch single back in 1979 and saw immediate success in Spain and throughout Latin America. The first versions of the song showed up back in 1974 on the groups Angeles Y Demonios LP. Regardless, this amazing track is by far one of the best Latin disco songs I've ever come across.

Elkin & Nelson - Jibaro

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Troy Wylie-Hill said...

Long time since I heard this one! great choice , thanks for posting!

Bobby Hands said...

Absolute balearic classic! There was a british version of it too by Paul Oakenfold (under the name of Electric) After him & Danny Rampling etc went to Ibiza in the early 80s they heard this record getting spin by DJ's like Alfredo etc .. They couldn't find the original (Super rare) so they covered it! It's quite good too .. A big "cult" record here in the UK.

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DJ Bobby Hands.

tim said...

rad track!

The japanese dandy said...

Great great blog man ! you are a great listener and a great dj ! thanx for sharing ! viva pat les Staches !