Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Sound Of The Lagos Dancefloor

Over the past couple of years, there have been some great compilations released that have focused around African and Nigerian music during the seventies. My personal favorite of the many compilations has to be Soundway records' release of Nigeria Disco Funk Special: The Sound Of The Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974-79. From the moment I listened to the record I was hooked. Including standout cuts like T-Fire's "Will Of The People", S-Job Movement's "Love Affair", The Sahara All Stars's "Take Your Soul", Jay-U Experience's "Some More" and many more, the double vinyl album consists of some of the rarest and funkiest Nigerian music I have heard to date. If your into some of these tracks, I also highly recommend checking out the other Nigeria Special compilations from Soundway. It's always nice to see how disco made it's way into other countries, coultures, and vice versa. Enjoy!

S-Job Movement - Love Affair

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Anonymous said...

This is a "out of my mind" track turning around me in the desert
Since I asked the producer if this was this one (a kind of godfather making regional business with his mother) the band send me a lot of mails hoping that I will buy these kind of singers
that's music and poverty, absolutely

MondoCo said...

Yeah nice album- Jay-U Experience's "Some More" is my personal favourite i reckon- sounds so fresh.

jmatt said...

just picked this up the other day as well solid jams all around, Tony Allen's Afro Disco Beat is also worth checking.... looking forward to your trip to vancouver

Anonymous said...

nothing in common with this genius Kabbala kind of Martin Hannett bassline