Friday, February 16, 2007

I Need A Freak

One of the groups that I haven't featured on this blog that I absolutely love is Rotterdam's Freak Electrique. Freak Electrique, AKA Erik Müller has been releasing amazing records on I-F’s cult label(one of my favorites) Viewlexx since 2003. Müller brings a deep, spacious, neo-Italo disco composition to the front of a galactic soundtrack. It's like mixing Alden Tyrell and Lindstrom together, you get the much needed italo-plus-the space journey. Two of my favorite records by Freak Electrique have to be Symphony Electrique 12-inch which features a short and long version of the titled track, and Cloud Surfer/Fright Jazz 12-inch, both released in 2005. Phonica Records described "Cloud Surfer" as a stunning up-tempo disco track which sounds like Giorgio Moroder on a hallucinogenic trip. I can get into that.

Freak Electrique - Cloud Surfer
Freak Electrique - Symphony Electrique (short version)

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SFB said...

Speaking of Moroder

mike mind said...

damn! any way you can re-up cloud surfer?