Monday, February 26, 2007

It Feels Good on the Lips

Reverso 68One of my favorite releases of last year was Reverso 68's Tokyo Disco 12" off of Eskimo Recordings. Reverso 68, which features Pete Herbert and Phil Mison, are one of those production duo's that when they release a 12-inch it's always amazing. However the biggest problem I have with them is that they don't release more singles. They are definately one of the least "talked about", however talented songwriters out there in the disco house scene. Good news came for those that feel the same way I do when Eskimo recently released the follow-up single to Tokyo Disco with a new 12" entitled Especial. This single includes two solid tracks including the title track "Especial" and my personal favorite "Take Me Back To Yours" which can definately take a dance party into some late night love making. You can only anticipate with what Reverso 68 will come up with next.

Reverso 68 - Take Me Back To Yours

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mike downey said...

hey just wanted to say thanks for such a cool blog. i'm sorta new to it, but have been DLing pretty much everything you've posted for the past couple of months. keep up the great work.

johnybravo said...

I just found your blog but enjoying it a lot! I love the way you differ from others, and thematic being almost only one - disco music. I found disco music by myself but this way it makes sweet to get good advices of new music.