Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Moving Trees

One group that I have been getting into alot lately is UK duo Faze Action. In 1996 these two brothers released the classic cosmic disco gem "In The Trees" off of David Hill's disco house label Nuphonic. This classic disco track has recently been re-released with new remixes from Carl Craig and Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes by Juno Records as part of there 10 Years of Juno series. Besides, the popular "In The Trees", they have released other amazing records like 1999's Plans & Designs LP, 2000's Moving Cities 12", and Samba 12" along with two new recently released records Keep It Coming 12" and Stratus Energy 12". It seems like every track I hear by these guys, sheds a new light on the disco house sound, breaking the boundaries to the genre that they helped create. It's nice to see that Juno Records is giving this amazing group some much deserved spotlight.

Faze Action - In The Trees(1996 Original Mix)
Faze Action - Moving Cities(alternative version)

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dizzleD said...

wow! great stuff, just found your blog and will definately be back. love the disco house!

dizzleD said...

also noticed that you like dfa to which i digress on a point of confusion. i've also come across the other d.f.a. which is darryl james and fred mcfarlane who put out garagy nyc house on fallout records. they have a couple great collections of remixes for loads of current r&b people. try and track down the ne-yo one for so sick, it whips the roots version of george kranz' dindada into a disco house frenzy and drops the vocals in after 4 min. awesome. anyway, they're not the lcd dfa, but also make great, housier stuff.