Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Disco Woman of the World

I aplogize for the short post, however I don't have alot of time today. Therefore, I'll keep this short and sweet. Here are two different version's of Double's 1986 disco gem "Woman of The World". First is Tangoterje's edit that was released in 2004 off of Supreme Records. Second is a new instrumental mix released by Permanent Vacation on a mix comp back in May of 2006. This EP was the label's first release and Double's addition was one of the standout tracks. Some good downtempo disco funk.

Double - Woman of the World (Tangoterje edit)
Double - Woman of the World (Instrumental mix)

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Tal said...

woman of the world is one of my favorite songs in the world, really. i posted it a while ago on my blog too. good job, i'm glad you're digging it.

Scott_Goff said...

Dang...looks like I missed the DL on this one. Any chance of re-hosting these files? Been looking for a clean rip of this mix for a while. Cheers!!