Monday, June 16, 2008

I Heard The Voice Of Music Say '77

Here is another album I've been trying to hunt down recently in Sunbear's 1977 self-titled soul-disco classic. This Soul Train Recording released record features the cut, "Heard The Voice Of Music Say", a track I haven't been able to get enough of lately. From what I can find, this was the only "Sunbear" album to be released, which I have to say is very unfortunite, because from what I've heard of the record, it's very solid. The Regardless, another great record from another one of disco's short lived projects.

Sunbear - Heard The Voice Of Music Say

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jerome green said...

Hi TJ,

Absolutely beautiful! Another great find. You're way ahead of me now. Thank you for always bringing it!!! I don't have the $100 to get SUNBEAR yet, but I'll be searching for a deal.

Peace, Jerome

Anonymous said...

You can find the same band plus bass player Juan Nelson of Ben Harper fame under the name "Big Advise" in fact we did a new version of "Heard Tha Voice". The albums name is " Love Shine" and it was available on Electric Monkey records. I am sure you can find the CD used in manny places. I have 2 copyes of this Vynil ( SUNBEAR ) since i produced the "Love Shine" record. I love it.If u like you can see video of the guys at my YouTube channel. Go to you Tube and look up Giorgio Bertuccelli
the orignal band was made up of Ahagune G Sun on Drums and vocals and Werner Schuchner on gtrs and bass. Manny others playe don the record including Greg Philinganes keys. On the new record we had Jerry Hay and his guys do the horns

Anonymous said...

Good News - You can purchase a Sunbear CD at amazon!

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the Record Player said...

It's nice to see someone else post this record on the web. I had no idea that this was a sought after record but did know it's kinda rare. I posted a couple different songs from this album on my site just 3 weeks ago....listen to them here-

Hank said...

I love it that the WWW has grown to the point where we can finally find others with similar, sometimes obscure FUNKY interests. When I searched for Sunbear a few years ago, I got no hits what-so-ever.

I had this vinyl when it came out and lost it along with the major part of my collection a few years later. The songs "Erika" and "I Heard the Voice of Music" will still click on in my head sometimes.