Friday, June 13, 2008

Keep On Jumpin'

A record that I find my self enjoying again lately after not listening to it for a while is Musique's Keep on Jumpin' LP. This 1978 classic disco release was written by legendary producer and song writer Patrick Adams, which isn't suprising specially it seems like everything he touches turns into a classic release. The record also features the popular disco diva Jocelyn Brown and Class Action, Phreek, and Poussez! vocalist Christine Wiltshire. Even though the Keep on Jumpin' LP only consists of four tracks, the approximately thirty minute record is a definite classic with track like "Keep on Jumpin' and "In The Bush" leading the way. This is one of those records that could be considered a staple with disco enthusiasts.

Not only have I been really into Musique's debut Keep on Jumpin', I've also, as of late, really been getting into their second album appropriately titled "Musique II". This record still sees Patrick Adams behind the production controls, however having Wiltshire take over for Brown on the albums lead vocals. This record didn't gain as much attention as the previous Keep on Jumpin' LP, however in my opinion, is just as solid with classic cuts like "Love Massage" and "Good And Plenty Lover". That being said, the record might start to see a little more attention with "Love Massage" being highlighted on the recently released Dimitri From Paris Return To The Playboy Mansion mix compilation.
Overall it's nice to re-discover some amazing records that had probably sitting on the shelves for a while.

Musique - Keep On Jumpin'
Musique - Love Massage
Musique - Good And Plenty Lover

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see some love being given too Musique II-I love Glide from that record as well.

Anonymous said...

Man--how could you not credit Francois K for his remix of In the Bush? ;^)

Super good

Bubbles said...

Musique - Keep On Jumpin' was sampled for a bangin' Disco House track by the Eternal's. It's on the Crydamore compolation Waves. The name of the track is The Wrath of Zues. It's my favorite track on the CD. Its safe to say that Keep On Jumpin' was my favorite track of the post.