Monday, October 27, 2008

Friday Night Disco

I found this cut browsing around on and immediately fell in love. Here is one of Arabesque's rare disco classic "Friday Night". This extremely hard-to-find gem was released as a 7-inch single in 1978 by the all female German group. This was one of their earliest singles to an overall successful career, selling more than 6 million records worldwide by catching on first in Japan before gaining a lot of popularity in Europe. Other notable disco classics to that I recommend checking out are "Midnight Dancer", "In The Heat Of A Disco Night", "Hello Mr. Monkey", and "High Life" among many others. Overall, this is a very rare disco classic that can be quite expensive. It would nice to see someone re-issue a bootleg copy of this amazing track. ENJOY!

Arabesque - Friday Night

And Here's The Video That Originally Caught My Eye:

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Forever Awesome said...

You have been posting solid gold lately! THANKS!

Anonymous said...

just for the records.
The singer in the middle is Sandra, later married to Producer Michel Cretu (Enigma etc.) She started a Solo career after the split-up of Arabesque. Their records can be found on any fleamarket here in Germany for nothing.
nice blog, Love it!!

professor Eddy said...

Yes, that's Sandra 'Maria Magdalena' Cretu. Have a look on Wikipedia for her solo career and her work with her (former) husband Michael Cretu (Enigma).

Anonymous said...

i particulary love "friday night". Here in France it s unknown... very campy. i m going mad on stage when i hear it !