Tuesday, October 06, 2009

San Francisco: Where to Go?

Now that I'm in San Francisco, and really loving it by the way, I am wondering where all great spots are in this wonderful city. Record stores? Bars? Dance nights? Coffee Shops? Anything that my be fun or interesting to check out. Being a veteran of moving like I have been the last five years I do know that you have to tend to find your own way, however I would love some insider tips and suggestions to the city. So please feel free to write your comments in the suggestion box. I will greatly appreciate it!

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Anonymous said...

Oh mann ... I got aton of spots for ya ... I left to NY just as you moved SF .... hit me up via email or facebook , I got the goods to tell ....

Chantilly Bass said...

Aunt Charlies on a Thursday night fo sho!

Unknown said...

Breakfast - Bugaloos in the Mission; Happy Hour - John Collins in SOMA Financial; Views - Mt. Davidson... That's a few suggestions to get you started. What kind of spots are you looking for?

Hotthobo said...

Rooky Ricardos, Groove Merchant and Recycled are game for records if you are looking for disco soul and r'n'b.

Cameron said...

Records Stores:
Groove Merchant - best for disco/r&b/boogie/etc, and have good copies but price accordingly

Recycled - sometimes have disco but price accordingly

Rooky Ricardos - heavier on the funk/r&b, but you can find disco

Streetlight (Castro): i've found pretty much every moroder record here for under $5, but you can dig deeper and gayer if so inclinded

Amoeba - obviously. but their selection for these genres is mediocre

Wild Side West

The Attic

El Rio

Argus Lounge

The Knockout

Gold Cane


Dance nights:
Haha. Right.

Coffee Shops:
Blue Bottle


Ritual (eh)

Boogaloos - sure, if you want crap service and mediocre food at real restaurant prices. be prepared to wait. the space is cool, but ditch this for St. Francis Fountain (possibly too hip for its own good but the food is solid and they sell Terminator 2 trading cards), or It's Top's (real old school diner food that rules).

Robot Hustle said...

Welcome to SF! Here are my suggestions....


Breakfast Burritos - Mission Kitchen

Salvadorean (breakfast or pusuas) - Balompie

BBQ Ribs - Big Nate's

Asian Food - Not Chinatown but Clement Street in Inner Richmond or even Outer Sunset


Four Barrel, Stable and also I agree with Cameron--Philz!

Record Shops:

You might need to drive out of the city for this one (i.e. Record Man in Redwood City) still there's 101 Music in North Beach, be prepared to lift some heavy crates.


Honey, O.K. Hole, Donuts, Gemini Disco...

Robot Hustle said...

uh for Balompie I meant to say "Pupusas"!

Anonymous said...

Records ..

Ameoba - Yep ,check the freestyle / Soul sections , these get picked over fast , but I've dug that whole place numous times , found more LPs then singles , SuperMax, Bohannon etc ..

Rasputin - Nobody mentioned , but I'll give up the tip , evey tuesday they put down new used vinyl on the floor , I've found LOTS of cheap gems here , they also have a select number of edits and house in the small electronic section too , that seems to have some gems pop up ... mr James Glass sorts these records before they come to the downtown local ... Check the Berkeley store , Amoeba Berkeley also ....

Groove Merchant , some , priced as Discogs would

I'd say anywhere else your gonna leave town , LA , etc ..

I'd say the basement place in North Beach , I'm sure you'll find out about it ... I've picked the whole thing .. its not really sorted , and a mess , plus anything you pick out they charge $5-8 eh ..

def Blue Bottle
Philz - Mission and over by the ballpark
4 Barrel

Everywhere else ...ekkk


Papalote - Awesome Salsa , best hands down , I bought 4 jars when I moved ... I love the Tofu and fake Soy Rizo , or Mole Tufu Burritos .. Awesome !

El Metate - Pretty darn good , I lived up the block from it ...

Nick's Crispy Tacos - Hands down best Fish Tacos in the City , Awesome happy hour cheap drinks , hit up Taco Tues .. beware of the crowds ...

Puerto Alegre - Love this place .. Pitchers of Margaritas ..Chips , food .. Awesome !!!


Little Star - Awesome Deep Dish and pan , Great Salads , wine ... Mission spot is best

Arinell Pizza - Best thin NYC

Golden Boy Pizza - Best puffy crust , cool little spot , beers , that record basement is across the street , wash your hands first.

Make the trip to Berkeley or Oakland location for Zachary's Deep Dish , best west Chicago style , hands down , I grew up in Chicago.

Part 2 soon ...

Hot Cop said...

Don't go in the bushes,
something might grab ya,
something might stab ya......

Anonymous said...

Here are some more ... my spelling is off .. yelp'em up

Groceries -

Trader Joe
BI Right

Cheap Breakfast / Diner

St. Francis Cafe
Atlas Cafe

Awesome Brunch -

Foreign Cinema
Mama's Cafe

Monks Castle
Burbon and Branch
Romolo 15
Owl Bar

Flour and Water
Salt House
Weird Fish


Music nights
Go Bang
Gemini Disco
Sick Moves
Beards of a Feather
Triple Crown

Bike Shops
Pedal Rev
Chrome Bags

Magnum said...
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Magnum said...

My boy Cameron is right about Boogaloos. Avoid that spot. For good brunch soul food try Brenda's in the TL.

For records try ebay.

For dance nights a time machine will suit you fine.

Basil Racuk said...

psssssssssssssss....don't tell anyone....Community Thrift record bins...