Monday, November 10, 2008

Up Jumped The Disco

Here is another fine disco classic from John Davis & The Monster Orchestra, this time being the 1977 cut "Up Jumped The Devil". This was the title track, as well as featured twelve-inch single off of the group's second album. This record was, of course, written and produced by disco legend John Davis and featured other solid cuts including "The Magic Is You (Main Theme)" and "You Gotta Give It Up ". Overall, it's just one of the many classic songs and records John Davis and his Monster Orchestra released during a brilliant career.

John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Up Jumped The Devil

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Anonymous said...

Hi there ;)
New submission <-> new track
Galactik Mess
Love your site ♥♥♥
- Nick Kosby

Anonymous said...

Please post more from John Davis @ Arabesque! Thanks and such a great blog!