Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cappuccino Delight

Lately I've really been enjoying a couple of classic disco cuts including "Hell Dance With Me" and "Tomorrow" from Cappuccino's 1980 self-titled album. I orginally heard of Cappuccino through a Dimitri From Paris edit of "Hell Dance With Me" (renamed El Bailara Conmigo) which was included on the Kings of Disco compilation. The original tracks were produced by both Danilo Vaona and Gian Pietro Felisatti and was released off of Black Sun records. Overall it's basically just another one of those one-and-done disco projects that left us with some left over disco gems from the last days of the golden disco era.

Cappuccino - Hell Dance With Me

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic song, thanks a lot for this track


Is there any chance you could also post 'tomorrow', on the same LP?