Monday, January 12, 2009

Staying Noid

Since I've really been into Noid Recordings, new and old releases, as of late, I thought I would do a poll on your favorite Noid release. The label, which is run by The Idjut Boys has been one of my favorites for quite sometime and I find that the releases continue to get better and better through the years. My personal favorite has to be Major Swellings' (aka Prins Thomas) self-titled LP. Not only is the amazing re-edit full-length from Noid, but in the running for my overall favorite all-time release. That being said, I still don't own a vinyl copy, therefore if there is anyone out there that wants to sell me theirs, name your price!

Enjoy the poll!

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Anonymous said...

I have the CD, let me know if want it ....

Chris Bell said...

Am a lover of all things Noid, but I'm still partial to Noid One


Anonymous said...

bit of a newbie re: Noid but I miraculously came across a vinyl copy of Gruble and it's pretty great. the Idjut takes on "Weekend," "Slow Blow," and "Woman" are pretty great as well.

Anonymous said...

Ouch hard to name fav...

Noid promo

Backwards Is The Best Way Foward. Baby

Hangin On

Girth Soup

chris keys said...

nice Poll u got going Athlete - very nice!! doesn't have my favorite in it though but of the ones u mention (tough crowd) Major Swellings is it - had a double of it but i may have given it away - will look for u

Paul said...

It would have to be Gruble or More or Less but as More or Less is a comp of earlier releases I'll go with Gruble

Anonymous said...

not reggae dub
encounters by ray mang