Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Lifting Off to Space

Here's a little space-flavoured disco for your Tuesday with Blush's 1978 rare disco classic "Lift Off". This track appears on the extremely sought after album Out Of This World" which was written and produced by Mike Pilot. I've noticed the track in many mixes floating around the internet as of late, so I thought I would post it. The above image is actually from the Australian release of the album, which went under the Odyssey alaise for some unknown reason. Regardless, it's a great record that I hope I find one day!

Blush - Lift Off

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Trag said...

Wow, what a great record. Thanks for another great share.

Anonymous said...

ooh...what a good disco music!. I didn't know this disco record.

Mike Pilot is South African disco producer.