Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Beast Of The Drums

One of things that really turns me on is funky african flavored disco songs. You know, those rare disco gems that sound as if they were recorded by an acient tribe in the middle of the jungle. An example of what I'm talking about is a song I've been really into as of late in Neftali's Beast's 1980 single "Land Of The Drums". This was the only track released under the name Neftali's Beast, which was also know as The Santiago Band. The Santiago Band was another offering from Neftali Santiago of the known funk group Mandrill. An interesting note that I found on Neftali Santiago's website was that the band, Neftali's Beast, actually broke-up before signing with Capital, whom released the "Land Of The Drums" single. In order to get the record released, Santiago actually forged family member's signatures on the contract in order to sell the record...Kinda funny if you ask me. Regardless here is a great example of what mixing funky disco with animals living in the jungle sounds like. Maybe a future edit will be appriopriate. Enjoy!

Neftali's Beast - Land Of The Drums

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Anonymous said...

Yes it would be nice to hear a remake of this song. Neftali if your out there!