Monday, March 30, 2009

Groovin' to The Players Association

A song I found listening to more than once this weekend was The Players Association's 1977 disco cut "I Like It". For those that may not know, The Players Association was a disco project produced by Danny Weiss made up by some amazing studio jazz musicians. Some of the group's most notable material consists of disco covers like The Trammps' "Disco Inferno", Diana Ross's "Love Hangover", and Chic's "Everybody Dance". some of the other standout material was written by multi-instrumentalist Chris Hills who helped write "I Like It". I think this was one of the best groups during the late 1970's to successfully mix disco grooves with complex jazz arrangements. A solid disco project that tends to unfortunitely go a bit under the radar.

The Players Association - I Like It

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1 comment:

db1233 said...

Massive classic !!!
Going to the disco rocks too !
Love hangover is a thrill

Thx for posting all these selected tracks...