Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Undercover Lover

Debbie Jacobs'1979 album Undercover Lover, which I had the pleasure of purchasing this past year, contains some solid disco gems. After having sometime to completely absorb the record over the past few months, I have found myself really getting into album cuts like "Hot Hot (Give It All You Got)", "Undercover Lover", and my personal favorite, "Don't You Want My Love". The record was produced and arranged by Paul Sabu, who also helped produced Sister Power's amazing 1979 self-titled LP, as well as his 1979 solo record Sabu. Overall, Jacobs' Undercover Lover is a great record that can probably be hunt down for a relatively cheap price. That being said, in these economic times, this might be just the kind of disco record that fits nicely in your shrinking budget. Enjoy!

Debbie Jacobs - Don't You Want My Love

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RayRay said...

Man, this is one of THE best tracks of the disco era, and still one of my all-time favorites. Thanks for posting this!

professor Eddy said...

Yeah, a great one! It's also on the Southport Weekender set from Dimitri From Paris.

Pat Les Stache said...

I'll have to check out that Southport Weekender set from Dimitri From Paris. I love most of his mix sets.

professor Eddy said...

This is the Southport Weekender album with the DFP set: http://www.discogs.com/Dimitri-From-Paris-Jazzie-B-Quentin-Harris-Southport-Weekender-3/release/545216