Wednesday, April 15, 2009

French Afro-Funk

Here is a great afro-disco flavoured cut, entitled "Mangous Ye", from the disco-funk group Black Soul. This longer version of the song was included on the groups 1977 self-titled album which was superbly mixed by disco legend Tom Moulton. As I've mentioned a while back on this blog, an interesting component about this 6-piece goup was that even though they became major players within the Afro Funk scene during the 1970's, they actually resided in France. During the mid to late 1970's Black Soul released some amazing music that blended together elements of disco, soul, latin, and afro-funk. Their music remains to be pretty rare and can cost a pretty pennie or two. "Mangous Ye" is just one of the many personal favorites from the group that I've had the luxury to be exposed to. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do!

Black Soul - Mangous Ye

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David Ballester said...

Great song!
Posted it myself not long ago:

Keep up the good work!
I enjoy your blog very much...

Love Disco Dave

Gentlewhoadie Apt One said...

yeah i used to use this in a 4x4 set way way back in the day. love this record.